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PaPo's 4-Pack Single Flavour Canned Cocktails

PaPo's 4-Pack Single Flavour Canned Cocktails

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4 cans of whichever flavour is on your radar!  


Tequila. Lime. Triple Sec.

The world's most popular cocktail, blended in-house using premium ingredients combined by our expert mixologists to create a thing of beauty.

18% alcohol, 2.25 units


Mezcal Margarita

Mezcal. Lime. Triple Sec.

A smoky twist on the classic margarita. A kaleidoscope of flavours created by our expert mixologists to give you a sumptuous experience of zest, freshness and that classic Mezcal smoke.

21% alcohol, 2.4 units



Mezcal. Orange. Lime. Triple Sec.

Oaxacan mezcal and sweet orange blended in-house with premium ingredients by our expert mixologists to create a thing of beauty. Smokey, fresh, with an orange sweetness riding through the mezcal like a Vaquero on his way to grab a glass.

14% alcohol, 2.1 units


Spicy Margarita

Tequila. Lime. Chilli, Cane Syrup

Jalisco heat blended in London - a wonderful warming, margarita, with a rich undertone of chilli from our premium chilli liqueur. Perfect for a night-in, a night-out, a party, a dinner party, or those perfect afternoons in the park..

21% alcohol, 2.5 units


Passionstar Margarita

Tequila. Passionfruit, Lime

A sweeter take on the margarita. Our style of the Porn Star Martini, tequila, lime and a fruity sweetness from passionfruit liqueur.

19% alcohol, 2.35 units


Lavender Margarita

Tequila. Lavender, Sours

A combination between El Sueño Blanco and our special mix. Our house special, light pink/purple in colour, clear, lavender and champagne notes. Reminiscent of a Parma violet

15% alcohol, 1.9 units


As with all our cocktails:

  • Blended by our Tequila and Mezcal experts, all awarded the Award T by the Mexican Government's Tequila Regulatory Council (yes, really!)
  • Produced in our own, small-scale craft cocktail facility
  • Recyclable can, biodegradable ink, paper and glue
  • Sustainably sourced Tequila
  • Truly bar strength
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